The Wanderer


Sold Out

Issue No 2

The wanderer

See behind the scenes in Bulan Project’s all-natural textile making process in Bali, Indonesia.

Bulan Project is a collective of artists and makers producing limited edition, artist designed objects. The first two Issues were brought to life in Bali by master batik artists using centuries-old hand-painting and hand-dyeing techniques.

01 Making a Bulan


Each Bulan Project piece is hand-made, and in order to create consistency around the design, we created a pattern for the artists to work from.


The Wanderer design is made using batik — an ancient Balinese process where the design is hand-painted using a mixture of melted paraffin and beeswax. 


While in CA, we fell in love with this fabric that had an ideal nubby texture and a soft, gentle drape. Getting the fabric from the US to the artists on a rice patty in Bali was… an adventure.

02 Close-up of Bulan fabric
03 Carrying the fabric
04 Laying out the Bulan


Here are two prototypes from Issue 01. We test fabrics, wax recipes, and dyeing time to get the right texture. For The Wanderer, the artists paint the design four times per side.


The waxed fabric is then soaked in a bath of crushed indigo leaves which come directly from the Indonesian Royal Family in an effort to preserve traditional Balinese craft.


Men assemble baths above fires. Each textile is repeatedly submerged to remove the wax. The textiles are then washed, ironed, hemmed, packed and shipped to San Francisco.

05 The Bulan dying process
06 Workers dying Bulans
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